Holistic Life Coaching

wellness coaching

As a Holistic Life & Wellness Coach, I help my clients create lives centered around their passions and that prioritizes their health and well-being, and the well-being of their family.

When we work together, we go over your dreams and goals, and help you put a plan in place that helps you achieve them. We work together to help you begin to implement nourishing self-care routines.

I mainly work with busy parents that are looking to looking to create holistic lifestyles and that yearn to achieve their personal & creative goals, but I also work with businesses that want their employees to pursue their ambitions and adopt self-care routines.

All coaching sessions are delivered via Skype and include a pre-session worksheet for you to fill out that helps me get to know you better.

I’m currently not taking any new clients, but if you get in touch I can add you to the wait list and contact you when I have availability.I also invite you to join our Holistic Families group! With over 3,100 members, it’s the best place to ask questions and connect with like minded individuals on their journey to wellness. And it’s free!

Our fanpage has over 110,000 fans and growing. It’s another great place for daily quotes and reminders plus health tips.

You can also find suggested products, courses, and more on our resources page. If you’re looking to have a speaker at your wellness event, workshop, or retreat, visit my media page for more info.

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