Product Reviews

holistic health product reviews

Would you like us to review and feature your holistic product or book?

We love to partner with businesses that create natural products that help families in their day to day routines. Not only will we feature your item here on Holistic Dad, but it will also be promoted on my Fanpage ( with over 100K fans) and on ( our sister site) and on additional social media platforms, such as our Pinterest boards.

Natural products that are a good fit for our audience include:

-Books on health & wellness ( esp those with families in mind)
-Natural home products
-Holistic health items
-Organic tea, coffee, etc
-Essential oils
-Herbal supplements

If you feel your item is a good fit for our audience and you’d like us to review it, please email my lovely wife ( who is in charge of product reviews) at
Please note we are currently based in Asia, and not North America ( although we plan on moving to Canada sometime next year).