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I am delighted today to bring you a new series on the blog featuring interviews with wellness experts across the globe. I also couldn’t be happier to begin this series with the inspirational Jess Ainscoughthe world renowned wellness warrior herself! Author of the newly published Make Peace With Your Plate ( Hay House), she reaches over 700,000 readers each month on her blog, many of whom partake in her cleanse.  Jess recently interviewed me in her Zen Men series, which was an honor.

Imagine you’re in your twenties and told you not only have cancer, but a rare form and your only option of survival was to have your arm amputated. Jess didn’t want to go that route.

‘I didn’t chop off my arm. I didn’t go into aggressive, full-body chemotherapy.
I didn’t accept that my doctor’s ‘solution’ was the only course of action.

I decided that I would do everything in my power to thrive in life, in spite of the looming expiration date I’d been given.
I learned how to treat myself with absolute kindness & self-respect.
I radicalized my diet. I systematically detoxified my body — and mind.
I discovered that wellness isn’t a destination, but a loving (and unconditionally forgiving) relationship with your own body.’

Jess gives us a glimpse today into how she became a wellness pioneer.

HD:  Jess it is so fantastic to be able to have you here today! You have an amazing journey that you share on your website about how you overcame a major health issue.Tell us a little about how you felt during those years of discovering you had cancer and using natural healing to make your way out.

JA: I still have cancer, but I don’t see it as the terrifying threat I once did. I was diagnosed with Epithelioid Sarcoma in my left hand and arm six years ago and was told that my case is terminal. Conventional medicine doesn’t have any solutions for me, other than amputation to bide me more time. So I’ve dedicated the past six years to healing my body with natural methods. I’ve overhauled my diet, my lifestyle and my mindset. I did two years of a therapy called Gerson Therapy to give my body an intense detox, I learnt how to meditate, and I’ve done a lot of work on myself to peel back the layers and switch on my body’s innate healing mechanism.

HD: For those that haven’t heard of Gerson therapy, can you share a little bit about their methodology?

JA: Gerson Therapy is two years of intense detoxification and nourishment. It involved hourly juicing, multiple daily coffee enemas, castor oil treatment and a very strict diet that’s mostly vegan and all organic. It’s incredibly tough to do, but I’ve seen some miraculous things occur as a result of it. Gerson isn’t for everyone though. For some people it may be all they need, but for others (like me) other elements are needed in order to truly heal.

HD: You speak all over the world about health and wellness. What is the number one thing people ask you when you are meeting readers or speaking at an event?

JA: People love telling me when I’ve managed to convert them into doing coffee enemas. I always say that one of my missions in life is to make coffee enemas cool. The amount of people who enthusiastically tell me that they’ve started doing them tells me that it’s happening!

HD: What changes do you see with regards to people turning to natural medicine and more traditional forms of healing?

JA: People are awakening to the limitations of modern medicine versus the incredible power of their own bodies. Conventional medicine is important and it definitely has a place, but I love that more and more people are embracing natural healing methods to deal with the root cause of their ailments. We’re starting to trust ourselves more rather than give all of our power away to people outside of us.

HD:  If there was one thing anyone can do to better their lives and health, what would it be ( in your opinion)?

JA: It’s so hard to narrow it down to just one thing because I think that to truly live a healthy and happy life, we must have a few areas covered – eat real food, connect with nature each day, spend time in stillness/meditation, and to have fun every single day. The biggie though is joy – if you’re not enjoying life, no amount of green juice in the world will make up for that.

HD: You offer some pretty incredible health and wellness guides and programs on your site. Tell us a little about them.

JA: For those who are new to my work, I have a Wellness Warrior Starter Kit & Cleanse e-book that is a great introduction into life as a wellness warrior. My online coaching program, The Lifestyle Transformation Guide is just about to close it’s doors. We just have a few spots left in this program – we’re capping it so that I’m able to continue the support and intimacy for its members. We also have some super exciting programs in the works at the moment, which will be rolling out through the year. Stay tuned!


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Why Society Works To Keep People Unhealthy…Especially Children

For the majority of people, it’s hard to fathom why big corporations, the medical industry, junk food restaurants, and even some schools would want to keep people overweight and unhealthy. For this very reason, they continue to trust them and put their children’s lives and wellbeing in the hands of others.

This is the most deadly decision one could make. Yet it is the most popular.

It all boils down to us being used to not questioning things very well. Why should we? We have to worry about work and paying the bills, we have enough on our plates. We want to be able to trust others. We have to, don’t we? I mean we can’t do it all on our own.

No we can’t, and yet we must. We absolutely must.

Companies have taken advantage of people being willing to not question the quality of their products or services enough to do anything about it. They know that despite their food being incredibly unhealthy and causing disease and death that because we all have limited time (in modern society) that we just…don’t have time. Time is the issue. We are so busy, we have no time.

Whereas before people generally worked from home ( as artisans or some kind of trade) or out of a family store or business, now both mom and dad are out at work, leaving limited time for child rearing. Kids are put into schools, and they have no time to question what they eat or learn, so both get taken advantage of, and thus bad food is served and altered information can be taught.

All in all we’re just another brick in the wall.

Well NO we aren’t and we need to stop acting like we are. Because of our not having time, entire industries have taken advantage in us. We don’t have time to question what’s in our plate and what’s in our children’s vaccines, so how do we combat this? We free up our time and awareness.

Doing this is like undoing decades of bad habits, with us being used to trusting authorities, and the transition is not easy. But if we make an effort and get our minds in this habit, we can do it, and we must.

The first step to take is to look at where your attention is most: on work, on social life, on commuting or problems, etc and to address how to free up our attention from these subjects onto our health and wellbeing. If you hate your job, and it consumes a lot of your time and attention, consider maybe working for yourself online or starting your own business. Some great resources for that is the book 100 Dollar Startup as well as Laptop Millionaire and the sites such as The Art Of Nonconformity Or it could be working less, maybe part time.

Next is to determine why you are making poor eating habits. Is it because of the lack of time issue or something else? Do you have cravings? My wife determined for her that she never learned to cook. She happens to be a great cook, but she never learned any of what she knows and her recipe list is limited. It made her want to go out to eat because it seemed easier.

No matter what actions you need to do to change your eating habits, first begin by inquiring into what is taking up your attention and time. That is always the first step.