$145 Adaptogenic Herbal Instant Beverage Giveaway from Four Sigma

Four Sigma Foods Instant Beverages


Several months ago I discovered Four Sigma Foods, a company based in Europe that has been spreading the message of how awesome medicinal mushrooms and other superfoods are to a person’s health. My wife and I ordered a few boxes of their instant superfoods including chaga, reishi, and cordyceps and our energy levels have greatly improved. Read on about what their superfoods can do for you, how you can receive 15% off your order with our special code, AND ENTER THE GIVEAWAY to become one of two winners of their Royal Flush Prize pack worth $145!!!

Adaptogenic Herbs

Adaptogenics, like the reishi mushroom, cordyceps and many others, increase the body’s natural resistance. The multitude of negative outside ‘forces’ like chemicals (think pesticides or Hexafluorosilicic acid aka fluoride) or overexposure to free-radical damage inhibit the body’s natural ability to fight disease. Chinese herbalists┬ábelieve Ataptogenics are a fundamental part of having and maintaining radiant health.

Four Sigma

The Reishi Mushroom

This is one of the oldest and strongest healers in the history of Chinese Herbalism. Known for not only stimulating the immune system but regulating it, Reishi can help your body combat auto-immune disease by slowing down your overstimulated system. It’s also known for it’s antiaging properties due to the high levels of antioxidants. In Japan, it has been a safe and effect remedy for Chemo side effects as well as stimulating and rebuilding that immune system. Other uses include strengthening the nerves and reducing stress, increasing memory, fighting allergies, lowering LDL – bad cholesterol and preventing many heart disease symptoms like hardening of the arteries. Its a good bet that if you need immune system support, this is the solution. It’s called the Supreme Protector for a reason!

Consistency is Key

Now the best thing you can do for yourself when taking Chinese herbs, or any herbs or natural remedies, is to stay consistent with your doses. Taking a handful of pills one day and missing out on the next three days, then trying to make up for it with another massive handful, is just a waste of money. But, Four Sigma has created the best solution for those of us on the go and who don’t want ANOTHER PILL TO TAKE! They’ve created individual packets that you can take on the go.

Four Sigma Foods

Suggestions for Drinking

Perfect for work, class, or stopped at a red light – just rip open a packet and tap the contents into a cup of water, coffee, tea, whatever you’ve got near you! I’ve added a cordyceps packet to my coffee and had delicious results. I now add Reishi and Chaga to my vegan protein drinks. The cordyceps (and all the others) are good enough to add to plain water. They have the perfect amount of Stevia to make the drink tasty but not overpoweringly Stevia-ish – unlike other healthy powders and teas that are laden with the natural sweetener. I pour the packet into warm water to help dissolve the crystals and add my cold water and ice afterwards.

Four Sigma Foods

Four Sigma is an amazing company in all respects. Run by a group of health-loving Finns that travel the world, they’re committed to spreading the word about superfoods above anything else. They are offering you, the Holistic Dad readers, 15% off your entire order until August 15. Just enter the code “HolisticDad” at the check out to receive your savings. Soon you’ll be drinking your way to better health!

And Now… For the GIVEAWAY!

Four Sigma Foods are offering NOT 1 BUT 2 ROYAL FLUSH PRIZE PACKS .. 2 LUCKY WINNERS will each receive the 6-Box bundle! So sign up, share with friends everyday via tweeting and facebook sharing (cause you’ll earn more points when you do) and good luck!

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The Best Coffee

I used to hate coffee; my wife and I are tea lovers. But when I worked at Le Pain Quotidien for several years-first as a barista and then as head waiter- I began to enjoy it. Now that I am a parent, there are days I absolutely need more energy, and so we have sought out the healthiest coffee available, and drink both when yerba mate is not enough.

The best of the two is Nutricafe by Enerhealth. The organic, fair trade Arabica shade grown coffee beans have a wonderful flavor and in fact don’t make me feel jittery. It’s enhanced with Cordyceps sinensis, Ganoderma lucidum, Coriolus versicolor, and Agaricus blazei, all of which are star players in Asian medicine. The coffee has more antioxidants than green tea!!

The second one we drink is not nearly as tasty, but still infused with cordyceps and reishi. Cafeceps by Madre labs is an instant organic coffee for if you don’t have the time ( nor energy) to make a fresh pot of coffee. The taste is meh, but it does the job and is super healthy.

You can buy Nutricafe here and Cafeceps from www.iherb.com

Spring Dragon Longevity Tea: How I Wake Up

My wife and I are tea addicts. Ever since I first visited Asia and attended two tea ceremonies, I realized the importance that tea has not only in multiple cultures in Asia, but in medicine as a whole.

There are an array of teas with different phytochemical properties and tastes, most of which I adore. I have recently though become a major fan of Dragon Herb’s Spring Dragon Longevity Tea. I have asthma, and in Japan and China, gynostemma has been used to successfully treat a myriad of bronchial issues. The main component in Spring Dragon is this ‘magic grass’, which has been infused with a plethora of other helpful herbs such as schizandra, goji berries, lua han guo ( another lung tonic), Siberian ginseng, and astragalus to help enhance one’s energy and jing ( lifeforce). I have several cups a day and can’t recommend it enough. You can buy it at a cheap price www.iherb.com or directly from Dragon Herbs.