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Hello there and welcome! I’m Billy, a holistic health & wellness speaker, coach, and writer dedicated to helping people live healthier, more balanced lives.

My writing has been featured on Mind Body Green and International Lifestyle Magazine as well as here on Holistic Dad.

Each week I help inspire people through social media and this site to make safer, healthier eating and lifestyle choices. I believe that family members of all ages need to learn about nutrition as well as herbalism and that the benefit of taking control of one’s diet and lifestyle will change the world.

After years of struggling with horrendous stomach pain and digestive problems, I developed asthma out of the blue.  I began searching for a cure and discovered I was severely allergic to gluten. My life completely changed, and I began coaching friends and family on how to look at their diets and lifestyle and change what was causing them pain and illness.

I traveled around the world with  my family, researching old and new alternative systems of medicine. On November 25 I began my studies with the Herbal Academy of New England to enhance my knowledge of the healing power or herbs.

As a holistic health speaker, I enjoy motivating people to make healthy changes to their lifestyles, taking one step at a time. As an attachment parenting Dad and husband, I spend the majority of my time with my family.

Where To Start?

We’ve got some wonderful resources for you here on Holistic Dad. Want to know some of my favorites?

-A Recommended Resources page with products I recommend checking out.

FREE Workbook for you to download any time. 

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8 reasons why ginger needs to be a must have in every home

The Beginner’s Guide to Essential Oils ( loads of info here!)


I am constantly seeking to learn more about life and wellness, and my goal is to encourage others to do the same!

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