Families choosing only fresh, natural, ‘real food’ boast improved health, well being

As access to fresh, seasonal foods expands, many, including some Memphians, are taking a new approach to mealtime and grocery shopping that benefits not only their families, but the community as well.Ditching processed, packaged and refined foods, they are seeking to put only wholesome, natural foods, dairy and whole grains prepared from scratch — real food — on their tables.

Jeremiah Wrye, 5, retrieves raisins from the pantry while his mother, Miriam Wrye, makes a healthful snack for her three children.

Many families are participating in movements with names like “100 Days of Real Food” or “The Real Food Challenge” to reinvent mealtime in a more healthful and Earth-friendly manner. Others take a less formal approach.

Miriam Wrye lives in East Memphis and is a stay-at-home mom to three young children.

“Meal planning and grocery shopping are two of my main ‘jobs,’ ” she says.

She tries to buy as much whole food as possible because it has the most nutrients, and she believes it’s best for her family’s health.

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