Spring Dragon Longevity Tea: How I Wake Up

My wife and I are tea addicts. Ever since I first visited Asia and attended two tea ceremonies, I realized the importance that tea has not only in multiple cultures in Asia, but in medicine as a whole.

There are an array of teas with different phytochemical properties and tastes, most of which I adore. I have recently though become a major fan of Dragon Herb’s Spring Dragon Longevity Tea. I have asthma, and in Japan and China, gynostemma has been used to successfully treat a myriad of bronchial issues. The main component in Spring Dragon is this ‘magic grass’, which has been infused with a plethora of other helpful herbs such as schizandra, goji berries, lua han guo ( another lung tonic), Siberian ginseng, and astragalus to help enhance one’s energy and jing ( lifeforce). I have several cups a day and can’t recommend it enough. You can buy it at a cheap price www.iherb.com or directly from Dragon Herbs.

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